Welcome to Albufeira Erotic Massage

You will find a sublime way to explore your sensuality and to let yourself get lost in a deeper level of pleasure to release your inhibitions. We can also create an amazing and sensual experience right in the privacy of your own hotel room if your prefer.

Whether you are looking for awakening your sensuality or experience levels of ecstatic bliss and unconditional pleasure,
we are here to offer you the best erotic massage service.

All of our Masseuses are especially selected for their talent, skill, natural beauty and are all blessed with breathtakingly good looks and an innate sensuality.


Erotic Massage
Body to Body
Tantra Massage
Hotel Room Massage

Our Services


This is an Adult treatment, so you need to at least 18 years or older to book our massage.
To make an appointment, you can either chat online or send an email. Please book at least a few hours ahead.

Hotel Massage

We also offer erotic massage in your hotel. Our prices include the travel, so there will be no surprises when you pay.
This service is only available for hotels in Albufeira.


All our services offered are private and exclusive and we handle every booking with discretion. We are available for incall appointments from: Salon: 11.00 - 20:00, Mon-Sat. Outcall: Mon-Sat 20.30 - 23:30. Sun 12:00 - 23:30.


Erotic Massage

In all of our erotic massage programs, we operate on many levels. Working on the muscles to release tension from the body to make you feel comfortable with your masseuse, in order to begin the more erotic state. Pleasure and knowledge of the body through soft and delicate touches, intensity grows and progresses to the level of the erogenous zones through different points of stimulation of body and genital reflexology. With this massage you will increase your knowledge about sexuality and develop perception skills and physical and spiritual stimulation.

Body to Body

Due to the nature of body to body massages, we provide this service on a bed, or on a matt on the floor. This is because extra space is needed to both help you relax and to enable your masseuse to slide her gorgeous body over you. This is truly a massage to be experienced. While your masseuse can use her soft and gentle hands to work key areas, she can use her entire body to massage and manipulate your body in entirely new ways. The unique sensation of our masseuse manoeuvring and sliding their bodies, thus allowing their breast to glide over your body, is both erotic and relaxing all at the same time.

Tantra Massage

During the Tantra massage you will feel the amazing affinity of the luxurious female body. The girl will awaken your senses with light touches of her naked breast, hips, abdomen, buttocks. Each cell of your body will be brought into alignment, as part of massage is carried out by elbows and knees to reach the peak of relaxation. A tantra massage is like a journey into yourself, through your entire inner universe. Throughout that journey, the loving and conscious touch will help you connect with parts and aspects of yourself, which usually do not get much attention. You will get in touch with your full potential, your nature, sensuality, pleasure, and your ability to be ecstatic! The secret is in the depth of their hands to include secret techniques, which they can reveal to you when you book one of our explorative, and original Tantria bookings. These special techniques have been handed down, through masters, who have many years of experience.

Hotel Massage

If you wish to have maximum discretion or simply do not have time to come to our salon, then we can offer you your massage in the comfort of your hotel room. Our prices include the massage session in your hotel, plus the travel of the masseuse to the hotel. Only available for hotels in downtown locations.